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About My Video Game Collection
Posted March 30, 2007, 1:57 pm by Steve
Categories: Video Games, Life

My involvement in video games has been interesting over the years. I've always like them, getting my first taste at the local arcade inside the bowling alley about a mile from my house back in my pre-teen days. Those were the old quarter arcade machines like Galaga and Asteroids. Around that time my parents got us an Atari 2600. Just like when we got our first VRC I was in awe that we could now experience this inside the comforts of our own home. We accumulated quite the collection of games for that system. A few years later my interests shifted to PC-based games. My parents surprised us with a TRS-80 PC one day. My brother and I would play games using cassette tape as a method to store our saves. My game hobby died for a short while when I hit my early teens. Not until the Nintendo (NES) did my desire to game become more of a focal point in my hobbies. Once again, my parents surprised us with a NES console and games for Christmas. I thought Ninja Gaiden was the best-game-ever! Castlevana and Contra were also favorites of mine. Itís great to see these old classics re-released on modern platforms like Xbox Live Arcade.

Through college I didnít own any additional consoles, but would casually play PC games. The Ultima series is still one of my all-time favorites! However, I would play console games over at my friendís houses. My friend, Dave, and I spent at least 3 nights a week playing Star Control and listening to Pantara and Dream Theater while drinking beer and grilling dinner. We became very competitive, but in a friendly manor. Weíd invite friends over and place dollar bets on the winner.

By the time Playstation 2 launched I had switched back to PC games like Diablo. But overall my interest in video games was once again dying. However, when Microsoft debuted the Xbox video games finally were at the level of detail I had been wanting. This caused a major obsession in video games, mostly console-based. When Xbox 360 launched I waiting in line for the midnight release and took the day off work.

Here youíll find all my newer titles and Iíll add my catalog titles over time. Eventually it will be a complete list.

Another Fett Will Be Mine!
Can you really put a price on snagging quality Action Figures? As always, I recommend hooking ASAP whenever a new dude is found. This course of action however can prove to be...a bit unsettling on the homefront from time to time :)
Posted July 9, 2007, 2:30 pm by Chad