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New Laptop Incoming...
Posted March 2, 2010, 7:13 pm by Steve
Categories: Tech, Life

Finally decided to breakdown and buy a new laptop. For the first time in over a decade Iím buying a non-Dell system. Considering the issues with my last two Dell laptops going with a different manufacturer felt obvious. This time Iím trying HP. Here are the specifications:

HP Pavilion DV8T Quad Edition Notebook PC

  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • Intel Core i7-720QM Quad Core processor (1.6GHz, 6MB L3 Cache) with Turbo Boost up to 2.8 GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 System Memory
  • 500GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 230M
  • 18.4" diagonal High Definition HP Ultra BrightView Infinity Display (1920x1080p)
  • SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Double Layer Support
  • Webcam + Fingerprint Reader
  • Intel Wireless-N Card
  • 8 Cell Lithium Ion Battery

Halo Legos!
Posted December 29, 2009, 8:39 pm by Steve
Categories: Video Games, Life

My son got overly excited on Christmas Eve unwrapping his present for the night Ė a Halo Wars Mega Bloks set.

The Return Of Dirty Dave
Posted October 31, 2009, 2:19 pm by Steve
Categories: Video Games, Life

A couple years back my friends and I spent countless hours playing a racing simulation game called Forza 2. Note this is a racing simulator, not an arcade game, so you drive like you would your own car in real life. Well back then my good old friend, Dave, liked to play dirty by using his opponents (us) to slow down his car around corners. This damage not only impacted the performance of our cars, but also sent his innocent victims spinning out crashing into the wall while he sped off to the finish line. Dirty strategy if you ask me! Well Forza 3 just came out. The clip below showcases our first race (Iím the orange Audi TT, Dave the white car). What makes this special, or disturbing really, is not only was this our first race in a couple years, but also the first corner of the first lap! Dave wastes no time returning to Dirty Dave!

My Top 10 Xbox 360 Games So Far
Posted October 17, 2009, 12:58 pm by Steve
Categories: Video Games, Life
1. Halo 3
Few games have me capturing videos and screenshots to back-up the talk trash. Halo is video gameís version of a Star Wars universe. Add in replay value of the campaign, Forge and multiplayer sessions with friends, my kids and strangers. I spend countless hours playing with my kids, either coop or against each other (which I usually lose at now). As I type this my boys are playing it. How could this not be my favorite Xbox 360 game to date! Itís simple; Halo is one of the key reasons Iím a gamer.

2. Gears of War 2
The first game made cover-based games a new subgenre of shooters. This one takes everything from the first game and makes it better. Just the campaign alone earns a top 10 spot in my book. Throw in Horde mode and Ďbots in multiplayer to confirm the number 2 spot! Graphics, character design, atmosphere, controls, art direction, options (profanity and gore filter) and action are first-rate. Between this title and Halo 3, I have so much fun playing with and against my boys. I just canít say that about any other game.

3. Gears of War
As said above, this game created a new subgenre of shooters. The graphics at the time were the best ever showcased on a console. For me, the multiplayer experience is fresh and new, a welcomed change from the typical shooter experience. It also brings gore to a new level in shooter games. How can a game with a chainsaw bayonet not be in the top 10!

4. Oblivion
Excluding multiplayer action, this game easily earns my most logged hours. The reasons for that are simple. It has a deep character customization and level system, a massive fantasy world free to explore from the start, a good story, great graphics at release, and an immense amount of loot. All of this is why itís my top RPG on the Xbox 360!

Another Fett Will Be Mine!
Can you really put a price on snagging quality Action Figures? As always, I recommend hooking ASAP whenever a new dude is found. This course of action however can prove to be...a bit unsettling on the homefront from time to time :)
Posted July 9, 2007, 2:30 pm by Chad